Jeff Beatty Terrorism Expert

"The only American to have served with all three of our nation's most elite Counter-Terrorism Units DELTA FORCE * CIA Counter Terrorism Center * FBI Hostage Rescue Team "

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         No one knows how to "Win Against Terrorism" like Jeff Beatty

Jeff Beatty is the only American to have served in all three of our nation's most elite counter-terrorism organizations -


In the military's DELTA FORCE as an Assault Troop Commander   
As a Special Agent advising the FBI Hostage Rescue Team

And as a CIA Counter-terrorism Center Case Officer running successful     operations against Terrorists in Europe and the Middle East  


    After Government service Jeff formed an Anti-terrorism consulting firm and accurately predicted a Terrorist  Attack on U.S. soil.  Jeff has appeared over 300 times on national media like CNN, FOX NEWS, CBS, NBC and ABC as a terrorism expert.


    Jeff's experiences such as being wounded in action in the first "Blackhawk Down" and surviving an assassination attempt when, unarmed, Jeff was attacked by 3 armed terrorists - give him unique insights into America's ability to defeat Terrorism


     Jeff's Book is coming in
time for the
10th Anniversary of 9/11
"Win Against Terrorism"

While serving in our country’s elite counter-terrorism organizations, I witnessed examples of extraordinary leadership which I  would be honored to share with  your group. These leadership lessons can be applied to whatever challenges you, or your organization, find yourself facing today.

Terrorism is one of the great challenges facing America today.  If we are going to prevail against it, we need to know our capabilities and our limitations and we need to do more of what works and less of what doesn't.  In Win Against Terrorism I will share with you things I know that work and outline a successful road forward.  

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